Les Omtale » 5000 KR Gratis +
100 Gratis Spinn
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Les Omtale » 12,000 KR Gratis
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100% Opptil 2000 KR

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Les Omtale » 40,000 KR Bonus +
200 Gratis Spinn
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Les Omtale » 100% Opp til €500 Spill Nå »
Les Omtale » Få 100% Ekstra Bonus
Opp til 2000KR
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Les Omtale » Få Nå 200% Bonus
Opp til €100
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Les Omtale » €200 Bonus
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Les Omtale » 300% Bonus Opp
til 600KR
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Slot Terms 101

When it comes to casino games, there aren’t many more popular than slots. Making up 70% of the floorspace in most land based casinos, they’re exceptionally popular and with good reason! Fun, simple and with a solid element of luck, slots are a great first choice of game. But not everyone is totally familiar with the terminology involved and for those people, we’ve put together a brief animation and a breakdown of the different terms you’ll need when playing slots. Starting at the beginning, the amount of money you put into the slot machine is referred to as the bet. The maximum amount you can put in per spin is called the bet max, or maximum bet. When you start the reels spinning, be sure to keep an eye out for the pay-lines you need to hit. Just about every slot machine will have the primary one as the central horizontal axis but modern slots also have diagonal, vertical and even zig-zag pay lines so it pays to check what the game offers before you start. If you’re lucky, you’ll even hit the bonus and get a better pay-out or more spins! For an easy to remember break down, check out this animation.

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