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All About Progressive Jackpot Slots

If you are interested in the chance of securing a payout that could literally change your life, then progressive slots are the games for you. You will struggle to win huge amounts of money playing roulette or blackjack, unless you are a professional gambler who spends a lot of time doing so, since the payouts simply aren’t high enough with the stakes in place that Joe Average can afford to make. Slots suit every pocket, however, and anyone can play them!

What Exactly are Progressive Slots, and How Do They Work?

When it comes to the slots games you enjoy at your favourite CAD casino online, for the most part they will have jackpots with fixed amounts in place. In progressive games, however, the big money prize increases anytime a player puts coins into the game and spins the reels. A minute percentage of each of these bets is used to feed the jackpot, and so the massive prize is raised.

There are three types of progressive slots machine games:

Standalone Progressive Jackpot Slots

A standalone progressive jackpot slot machine has what is known as a ticker attached, but only bets placed on that specific machine will feed the pot. This was initially the only kind of progressive slot on offer, but now the vast majority have multiple machines linked up. These kinds of games are for the most part found in land-based casinos, and the mega prize will be less than US$10 000.

Local Progressive Jackpot Slots

Local progressive jackpot slots were the next step in the evolution of these games, and they are still very widely available. These feature jackpots on games found within a specific casino linked up.

This network can be as few as a dozen or so games, or it can include hundreds of machines, it depends on the casino. The jackpots for this group of games are usually less than US$1 million, but sometimes over US$100 000.

Wide Area Network Progressives

These are the most popular version of progressive jackpot slots available today, with these prizes being made up from a number of different slots machines from a number of different casinos within an area. This has the prize accumulating to astronomical amounts of money, very often over US$1 million and sometimes even in excess of US$10 million! The most well-known example of this group of games are the Megabucks games from IGT, with the latter being arguably the most successful slot machine development company worldwide.

How Do You Win the Big Prize?

The fun of these games is that not only are they available in just about theme imaginable, there is no real strategy that will increase your chances of winning -the results are totally dependent on luck. Some people liken the shot of winning a progressive jackpot slots prize to that of winning the lottery, but heaven knows that you have far more chances of winning the former than you do the latter, and it is much more fun to do so, too!

The best mindset to adopt when playing these games is to do so for no outcome at all -just aim to have some fun, and let the prize be a happy surprise should it occur!